Home textile cleaning tips

                                          Editor:桐鄉康悅時裝寢具有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-04-06 

                                          Cleaning tips:

                                          1. Silk quilt: Do not wash, do not dry clean, wipe off dirt with clean water.

                                          2. Wool quilt: Do not wash, do not bleach, do not iron, do not expose to the sun, and can be dry cleaned.

                                          3. Duvets: Do not wash or expose to the sun frequently. It is recommended to dry-clean once every 3 years. You only need to ventilate for one or two hours.

                                          4. Quilt: Not washable, and can be evenly dried in the sun to beat the dust.

                                          5. Towel quilt: washable, dry cleanable, use neutral detergent, the towel is hard

                                          6. Fiber quilt: It can be washed and machine washed.


                                          1. The quilt is cleaned and stored in the quilt with a built-in desiccant. No heavy objects can be stored on the quilt, which will affect the flexibility of the quilt.

                                          2. Do not store the quilt in a humid environment, but in a ventilated place.

                                          3. The quilt needs to be taken out for ventilation every one or two weeks.