Is the xiangyun yarn real silk? How to clean the xiangyun yarn

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                                          Is Xiangyun yarn real silk? How to clean Xiangyun yarn? Fragrant cloud yarn is a kind of real silk, which is made of silk grey cloth.

                                          According to the different composition of silk fabrics (interwoven and 100%), it is divided into crowfoot and crowfoot, which are similar to ordinary silk for washing. Fragrant cloud yarn is much more convenient to care than ordinary silk. Because after copying. So it is more textured. Not easy to touch. A kind of wind tunnel is formed when walking, which makes people feel cooler.

                                          Xiangyun yarn is the only silk fabric dyed with pure plant dyes in textiles in the world. The yarn production process is unique, the quantity is scarce, and the production time is long. It is cool and pleasant, light and soft, quick-drying in water, not easy to wrinkle, and rich in bones. Bacteria, insect repellent, and have the characteristics of health care effect on the skin.

                                          How to clean Xiangyun yarn

                                          Fragrant cloud yarn is a real silk fabric composed of protein fibers. It is very delicate and ideal for dry cleaning. If you clean it yourself, you need to wash it by hand. Please don't rub it hard or machine wash it.

                                          It is better to wash the clothes or fabrics by hand under 30 degrees Celsius or clean water. Soak the clothes or fabrics in clean water (preferably with tea juice or a little salt) for 5-10 minutes, and use special silk detergent or gold spinning lotion (shampoo can also be used) ), dissolve the detergent in water, then put it in the clothes and soak, gently wash the reverse side by hand, pat it and take it out and dry it in a cool place. (Or add a little tea soaking) slightly off the floating color is normal. Do not wash out the water, dry, or expose to the sun by machine.

                                          Cocoon Life Fragrant Cloud Yarn is a purely natural and environmentally friendly product. It is made of natural fibers and is more delicate, especially the black side. Its essence is yam mash, so there will be a certain degree of color fading when washing. When entering the water, pay attention to fabrics with different color depths. , Otherwise it will look good.